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Definitions for: CLOD

(n.) A lump or mass, especially of earth, turf, or clay.
(n.) The ground; the earth; a spot of earth or turf.
(n.) That which is earthy and of little relative value, as the body of man in comparison with the soul.
(n.) A dull, gross, stupid fellow; a dolt
(n.) A part of the shoulder of a beef creature, or of the neck piece near the shoulder. See Illust. of Beef.
(v. t.) To pelt with clods.
(v. t.) To throw violently; to hurl.
(v.i) To collect into clods, or into a thick mass; to coagulate; to clot; as, clodded gore. See Clot.

anagrams for:clod

(n.) Deprived of heat, or having a low temperature; not warm or hot; gelid; frigid.
(n.) Lacking the sensation of warmth; suffering from the absence of heat; chilly; shivering; as, to be cold.
(n.) Not pungent or acrid.
(n.) Wanting in ardor, intensity, warmth, zeal, or passion; spiritless; unconcerned; reserved.
(n.) Unwelcome; disagreeable; unsatisfactory.
(n.) Wanting in power to excite; dull; uninteresting.
(n.) Affecting the sense of smell (as of hunting dogs) but feebly; having lost its odor; as, a cold scent.
(n.) Not sensitive; not acute.
(n.) Distant; -- said, in the game of hunting for some object, of a seeker remote from the thing concealed.
(n.) Having a bluish effect. Cf. Warm, 8.
(n.) The relative absence of heat or warmth.
(n.) The sensation produced by the escape of heat; chilliness or chillness.
(n.) A morbid state of the animal system produced by exposure to cold or dampness; a catarrh.
(v. i.) To become cold.