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Definition of: COIL

(n.) A ring, series of rings, or spiral, into which a rope, or other like thing, is wound.
(n.) Fig.: Entanglement; toil; mesh; perplexity.
(n.) A series of connected pipes in rows or layers, as in a steam heating apparatus.
(n.) A noise, tumult, bustle, or confusion.
(v. i.) To wind itself cylindrically or spirally; to form a coil; to wind; -- often with about or around.
(v. t.) To wind cylindrically or spirally; as, to coil a rope when not in use; the snake coiled itself before springing.
(v. t.) To encircle and hold with, or as with, coils.

anagrams of:coil

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(n.) The Muse who presided over history.