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Definition of: CORKERS

A machine that is used to put corks in bottles
(dated slang) a remarkable or excellent thing or person; "that story was a corker"

anagrams of:corkers

A curved support that permits the supported object to rock to and fro
An ice skate with a curved blade
A trough that can be rocked back and forth; used by gold miners to shake auriferous earth in water in order to separate the gold
Originally a British youth subculture that evolved out of the teddy boys in the 1960s; wore black leather jackets and jeans and boots; had greased hair and rode motorcycles and listened to rock'n'roll; were largely unskilled manual laborers
A chair mounted on rockers
A teenager or young adult in the 1960s who wore leather jackets and rode motorcycles
A performer or composer or fan of rock music
An attendant who rocks a child in a cradle