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Definitions for: CRAM

(n.) The act of cramming.
(n.) Information hastily memorized; as, a cram from an examination.
(n.) A warp having more than two threads passing through each dent or split of the reed.
(v. i.) To eat greedily, and to satiety; to stuff.
(v. i.) To make crude preparation for a special occasion, as an examination, by a hasty and extensive course of memorizing or study.
(v. t.) To press, force, or drive, particularly in filling, or in thrusting one thing into another; to stuff; to crowd; to fill to superfluity; as, to cram anything into a basket; to cram a room with people.
(v. t.) To fill with food to satiety; to stuff.
(v. t.) To put hastily through an extensive course of memorizing or study, as in preparation for an examination; as, a pupil is crammed by his tutor.

anagrams for:cram

(n.) The refuse matter which remains after the pressure of fruit, particularly of grapes.
(n.) A weight of various commodities, esp. of gold and silver, used in different European countries. In France and Holland it was equal to eight ounces.
(n.) A coin formerly current in England and Scotland, equal to thirteen shillings and four pence.
(n.) A German coin and money of account. See Mark.