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anagrams for:creehsra

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(v. t.) To search again; to examine anew.
(n.) Diligent inquiry or examination in seeking facts or principles; laborious or continued search after truth; as, researches of human wisdom.
(v. t.) To search or examine with continued care; to seek diligently.
(n.) One who, or that which, searhes or examines; a seeker; an inquirer; an examiner; a trier.
(n.) Formerly, an officer in London appointed to examine the bodies of the dead, and report the cause of death.
(n.) An officer of the customs whose business it is to search ships, merchandise, luggage, etc.
(n.) An inspector of leather.
(n.) An instrument for examining the bore of a cannon, to detect cavities.
(n.) An implement for sampling butter; a butter trier.
(n.) An instrument for feeling after calculi in the bladder, etc.