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Definitions of: CURBS

Place restrictions on; "curtail drinking in school"
To put down by force or authority; "suppress a nascent uprising"; "stamp down on littering"; "conquer one's desires"
Keep to the curb; "curb your dogs"
Lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; "
The act of restraining power or action or limiting excess;
A stock exchange in New York
An edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)
A horse's bit with an attached chain or strap to check the horse

anagrams of:curbs

(v. t.) To rub hard; to wash with rubbing; usually, to rub with a wet brush, or with something coarse or rough, for the purpose of cleaning or brightening; as, to scrub a floor, a doorplate.
(v. i.) To rub anything hard, especially with a wet brush; to scour; hence, to be diligent and penurious; as, to scrub hard for a living.
(n.) One who labors hard and lives meanly; a mean fellow.
(n.) Something small and mean.
(n.) A worn-out brush.
(n.) A thicket or jungle, often specified by the name of the prevailing plant; as, oak scrub, palmetto scrub, etc.
(n.) One of the common live stock of a region of no particular breed or not of pure breed, esp. when inferior in size, etc.
(a.) Mean; dirty; contemptible; scrubby.