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Definitions of: DARK

(a.) Destitute, or partially destitute, of light; not receiving, reflecting, or radiating light; wholly or partially black, or of some deep shade of color; not light-colored; as, a dark room; a dark day; dark cloth; dark paint; a dark complexion.
(a.) Not clear to the understanding; not easily seen through; obscure; mysterious; hidden.
(a.) Destitute of knowledge and culture; in moral or intellectual darkness; unrefined; ignorant.
(a.) Evincing black or foul traits of character; vile; wicked; atrocious; as, a dark villain; a dark deed.
(a.) Foreboding evil; gloomy; jealous; suspicious.
(a.) Deprived of sight; blind.
(n.) Absence of light; darkness; obscurity; a place where there is little or no light.
(n.) The condition of ignorance; gloom; secrecy.
(n.) A dark shade or dark passage in a painting, engraving, or the like; as, the light and darks are well contrasted.
(v. t.) To darken to obscure.