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Definitions for: DARN

(n.) A place mended by darning.
(v. t.) To mend as a rent or hole, with interlacing stitches of yarn or thread by means of a needle; to sew together with yarn or thread.
(v. t.) A colloquial euphemism for Damn.

anagrams for:darn

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(n.) An East Indian plant (Nardostachys Jatamansi) of the Valerian family, used from remote ages in Oriental perfumery.
(n.) An ointment prepared partly from this plant. See Spikenard.
(n.) A kind of grass (Nardus stricta) of little value, found in Europe and Asia.
(n.) A border; edge; margin.
(n.) A long, fleshy piece, as of beef, cut from the flank or leg; a sort of steak.
(n.) A thin inner sole for a shoe; also, a leveling slip of leather applied to the sole before attaching the heel.
(v. i.) To rant; to storm.