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Definitions for: DAUB

(n.) A viscous, sticky application; a spot smeared or dabed; a smear.
(n.) A picture coarsely executed.
(v. i.) To smear; to play the flatterer.
(v. t.) To smear with soft, adhesive matter, as pitch, slime, mud, etc.; to plaster; to bedaub; to besmear.
(v. t.) To paint in a coarse or unskillful manner.
(v. t.) To cover with a specious or deceitful exterior; to disguise; to conceal.
(v. t.) To flatter excessively or glossy.
(v. t.) To put on without taste; to deck gaudily.

anagrams for:daub

(computer science) a data transmission rate (bits/second) for modems