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Definition for: DONS

Put clothing on one's body; "What should I wear today?"; "He put on his best suit for the wedding"; "The princess donned a long blue dress"; "The queen assumed the stately robes"; "He got into his jeans"

anagrams for:dons

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Be almost asleep; "The old man sat nodding by the fireplace"
Let the head fall forward through drowsiness; "The old man was nodding in his chair"
Lower and raise the head, as to indicate assent or agreement or confirmation; "The teacher nodded when the student gave the right answer"
The act of nodding the head
Express or signify by nodding; "He nodded his approval"
A sign of assent or salutation or command
Sway gently back and forth, as in a nodding motion; "the flowers were nodding in the breeze"
(n.) A fillet; a headband; a snood.
(a.) Trimmed; smooth; neat; trim; sly; cunning; demure.