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anagrams of:dreov

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(imp.) of Drive
(imp.) of Drive.
(n.) A collection of cattle driven, or cattle collected for driving; a number of animals, as oxen, sheep, or swine, driven in a body.
(n.) Any collection of irrational animals, moving or driving forward; as, a finny drove.
(n.) A crowd of people in motion.
(n.) A road for driving cattle; a driftway.
(n.) A narrow drain or channel used in the irrigation of land.
(n.) A broad chisel used to bring stone to a nearly smooth surface; -- called also drove chisel.
(n.) The grooved surface of stone finished by the drove chisel; -- called also drove work.
(n.) A Russian liquid measure, equal to 3.249 gallons of U. S. standard measure, or 2.706 imperial gallons.