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Definitions for: ELLS

An extension at the end and at right angles to the main building
Old cloth measure of 45"
Former measure of length for textiles. Normally 45 inches in England and 37 inches in Scotland.

anagrams for:ells

(n.) Self.
(n.) A sill.
(n.) A cell; a house.
(n.) A saddle for a horse.
(n.) A throne or lofty seat.
(v. t.) To transfer to another for an equivalent; to give up for a valuable consideration; to dispose of in return for something, especially for money.
(v. t.) To make a matter of bargain and sale of; to accept a price or reward for, as for a breach of duty, trust, or the like; to betray.
(v. t.) To impose upon; to trick; to deceive; to make a fool of; to cheat.
(v. i.) To practice selling commodities.
(v. i.) To be sold; as, corn sells at a good price.
(n.) An imposition; a cheat; a hoax.