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Definition of: ERROR

(n.) A wandering; a roving or irregular course.
(n.) A wandering or deviation from the right course or standard; irregularity; mistake; inaccuracy; something made wrong or left wrong; as, an error in writing or in printing; a clerical error.
(n.) A departing or deviation from the truth; falsity; false notion; wrong opinion; mistake; misapprehension.
(n.) A moral offense; violation of duty; a sin or transgression; iniquity; fault.
(n.) The difference between the approximate result and the true result; -- used particularly in the rule of double position.
(n.) The difference between an observed value and the true value of a quantity.
(n.) The difference between the observed value of a quantity and that which is taken or computed to be the true value; -- sometimes called residual error.
(n.) A mistake in the proceedings of a court of record in matters of law or of fact.
(n.) A fault of a player of the side in the field which results in failure to put out a player on the other side, or gives him an unearned base.