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Definition for: FLAG

(n.) That which flags or hangs down loosely.
(n.) A cloth usually bearing a device or devices and used to indicate nationality, party, etc., or to give or ask information; -- commonly attached to a staff to be waved by the wind; a standard; a banner; an ensign; the colors; as, the national flag; a military or a naval flag.
(n.) A group of feathers on the lower part of the legs of certain hawks, owls, etc.
(n.) A group of elongated wing feathers in certain hawks.
(n.) The bushy tail of a dog, as of a setter.
(n.) An aquatic plant, with long, ensiform leaves, belonging to either of the genera Iris and Acorus.
(n.) A flat stone used for paving.
(n.) Any hard, evenly stratified sandstone, which splits into layers suitable for flagstones.
(v. i.) To hang loose without stiffness; to bend down, as flexible bodies; to be loose, yielding, limp.
(v. i.) To droop; to grow spiritless; to lose vigor; to languish; as, the spirits flag; the streugth flags.
(v. t.) To let droop; to suffer to fall, or let fall, into feebleness; as, to flag the wings.
(v. t.) To enervate; to exhaust the vigor or elasticity of.
(v. t.) To signal to with a flag; as, to flag a train.
(v. t.) To convey, as a message, by means of flag signals; as, to flag an order to troops or vessels at a distance.
(v. t.) To furnish or deck out with flags.
(v. t.) To lay with flags of flat stones.