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Definition for: FLEAK

(n.) A flake; a thread or twist.

anagrams for:fleak

(n.) A paling; a hurdle.
(n.) A platform of hurdles, or small sticks made fast or interwoven, supported by stanchions, for drying codfish and other things.
(n.) A small stage hung over a vessel's side, for workmen to stand on in calking, etc.
(n.) A loose filmy mass or a thin chiplike layer of anything; a film; flock; lamina; layer; scale; as, a flake of snow, tallow, or fish.
(n.) A little particle of lighted or incandescent matter, darted from a fire; a flash.
(n.) A sort of carnation with only two colors in the flower, the petals having large stripes.
(v. t.) To form into flakes.
(v. i.) To separate in flakes; to peel or scale off.