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Definition for: GINS

Trap with a snare; "gin game"
Separate the seeds from (cotton) with a cotton gin
A form of rummy in which a player can go out if the cards remaining in their hand total less than 10 points
A machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers
A trap for birds or small mammals; often has a slip noose
Strong liquor flavored with juniper berries

anagrams for:gins

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(n.) That by which anything is made known or represented; that which furnishes evidence; a mark; a token; an indication; a proof.
(n.) A remarkable event, considered by the ancients as indicating the will of some deity; a prodigy; an omen.
(n.) An event considered by the Jews as indicating the divine will, or as manifesting an interposition of the divine power for some special end; a miracle; a wonder.
(n.) Something serving to indicate the existence, or preserve the memory, of a thing; a token; a memorial; a monument.
(n.) Any symbol or emblem which prefigures, typifles, or represents, an idea; a type; hence, sometimes, a picture.
(n.) A word or a character regarded as the outward manifestation of thought; as, words are the sign of ideas.
(n.) A motion, an action, or a gesture by which a thought is expressed, or a command or a wish made known.
(n.) Hence, one of the gestures of pantomime, or of a language of a signs such as those used by the North American Indians, or those used by the deaf and dumb.
(n.) A military emblem carried on a banner or a standard.
(n.) A lettered board, or other conspicuous notice, placed upon or before a building, room, shop, or office to advertise the business there transacted, or the name of the person or firm carrying it on; a publicly displayed token or notice.
(n.) The twelfth part of the ecliptic or zodiac.
(n.) A character indicating the relation of quantities, or an operation performed upon them; as, the sign + (plus); the sign -- (minus); the sign of division Ö, and the like.
(n.) An objective evidence of disease; that is, one appreciable by some one other than the patient.
(n.) Any character, as a flat, sharp, dot, etc.
(n.) That which, being external, stands for, or signifies, something internal or spiritual; -- a term used in the Church of England in speaking of an ordinance considered with reference to that which it represents.
(n.) To represent by a sign; to make known in a typical or emblematic manner, in distinction from speech; to signify.
(n.) To make a sign upon; to mark with a sign.
(n.) To affix a signature to; to ratify by hand or seal; to subscribe in one's own handwriting.
(n.) To assign or convey formally; -- used with away.
(n.) To mark; to make distinguishable.
(v. i.) To be a sign or omen.
(v. i.) To make a sign or signal; to communicate directions or intelligence by signs.
(v. i.) To write one's name, esp. as a token of assent, responsibility, or obligation.
(v. i.) To utter sounds with musical inflections or melodious modulations of voice, as fancy may dictate, or according to the notes of a song or tune, or of a given part (as alto, tenor, etc.) in a chorus or concerted piece.
(v. i.) To utter sweet melodious sounds, as birds do.
(v. i.) To make a small, shrill sound; as, the air sings in passing through a crevice.
(v. i.) To tell or relate something in numbers or verse; to celebrate something in poetry.
(v. i.) Ti cry out; to complain.
(v. t.) To utter with musical infections or modulations of voice.
(v. t.) To celebrate is song; to give praises to in verse; to relate or rehearse in numbers, verse, or poetry.
(v. t.) To influence by singing; to lull by singing; as, to sing a child to sleep.
(v. t.) To accompany, or attend on, with singing.
(v. t.) To chop off; to cut.
(v. i.) To sneak.
(n.) Alt. of Snigg