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Definition for: GRIP

(n.) The griffin.
(n.) A small ditch or furrow.
(v. t.) To trench; to drain.
(v. t.) An energetic or tenacious grasp; a holding fast; strength in grasping.
(v. t.) A peculiar mode of clasping the hand, by which members of a secret association recognize or greet, one another; as, a masonic grip.
(v. t.) That by which anything is grasped; a handle or gripe; as, the grip of a sword.
(v. t.) A device for grasping or holding fast to something.
(v. t.) To give a grip to; to grasp; to gripe.

anagrams for:grip

(v. i.) To haggle about the price of a commodity; to bargain hard.
(v. t.) To cheapen.
(v. t.) To filch or steal; as, to prig a handkerchief.
(n.) A pert, conceited, pragmatical fellow.
(n.) A thief; a filcher.