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Definition of: HOST

(n.) The consecrated wafer, believed to be the body of Christ, which in the Mass is offered as a sacrifice; also, the bread before consecration.
(n.) An army; a number of men gathered for war.
(n.) Any great number or multitude; a throng.
(n.) One who receives or entertains another, whether gratuitously or for compensation; one from whom another receives food, lodging, or entertainment; a landlord.
(v. i.) To lodge at an inn; to take up entertainment.
(v. t.) To give entertainment to.

anagrams of:host

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(imp. & p. p.) of Shoot
Imp. & p. p. of Shoot.
(a.) Woven in such a way as to produce an effect of variegation, of changeable tints, or of being figured; as, shot silks. See Shoot, v. t., 8.
(v. t.) A share or proportion; a reckoning; a scot.
(pl.) of Shot
(n.) The act of shooting; discharge of a firearm or other weapon which throws a missile.
(n.) A missile weapon, particularly a ball or bullet; specifically, whatever is discharged as a projectile from firearms or cannon by the force of an explosive.
(n.) Small globular masses of lead, of various sizes, -- used chiefly for killing game; as, bird shot; buckshot.
(n.) The flight of a missile, or the distance which it is, or can be, thrown; as, the vessel was distant more than a cannon shot.
(n.) A marksman; one who practices shooting; as, an exellent shot.
(v. t.) To load with shot, as a gun.