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Definition of: INKS

Sporting tattoos
Dark protective fluid ejected into the water by cuttlefish and other cephalopods
Fill with ink; "ink a pen"
A liquid used for printing or writing or drawing
Mark, coat, cover, or stain with ink; "he inked his finger"
Append one's signature to; "They inked the contract"

anagrams of:inks

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(v. i.) To fall by, or as by, the force of gravity; to descend lower and lower; to decline gradually; to subside; as, a stone sinks in water; waves rise and sink; the sun sinks in the west.
(v. i.) To enter deeply; to fall or retire beneath or below the surface; to penetrate.
(v. i.) Hence, to enter so as to make an abiding impression; to enter completely.
(v. i.) To be overwhelmed or depressed; to fall slowly, as so the ground, from weakness or from an overburden; to fail in strength; to decline; to decay; to decrease.
(v. i.) To decrease in volume, as a river; to subside; to become diminished in volume or in apparent height.
(v. t.) To cause to sink; to put under water; to immerse or submerge in a fluid; as, to sink a ship.
(v. t.) Figuratively: To cause to decline; to depress; to degrade; hence, to ruin irretrievably; to destroy, as by drowping; as, to sink one's reputation.
(v. t.) To make (a depression) by digging, delving, or cutting, etc.; as, to sink a pit or a well; to sink a die.
(v. t.) To bring low; to reduce in quantity; to waste.
(v. t.) To conseal and appropriate.
(v. t.) To keep out of sight; to suppress; to ignore.
(v. t.) To reduce or extinguish by payment; as, to sink the national debt.
(n.) A drain to carry off filthy water; a jakes.
(n.) A shallow box or vessel of wood, stone, iron, or other material, connected with a drain, and used for receiving filthy water, etc., as in a kitchen.
(n.) A hole or low place in land or rock, where waters sink and are lost; -- called also sink hole.
(n.) The external membranous integument of an animal.
(n.) The hide of an animal, separated from the body, whether green, dry, or tanned; especially, that of a small animal, as a calf, sheep, or goat.
(n.) A vessel made of skin, used for holding liquids. See Bottle, 1.
(n.) The bark or husk of a plant or fruit; the exterior coat of fruits and plants.
(n.) That part of a sail, when furled, which remains on the outside and covers the whole.
(n.) The covering, as of planking or iron plates, outside the framing, forming the sides and bottom of a vessel; the shell; also, a lining inside the framing.
(v. t.) To strip off the skin or hide of; to flay; to peel; as, to skin an animal.
(v. t.) To cover with skin, or as with skin; hence, to cover superficially.
(v. t.) To strip of money or property; to cheat.
(v. i.) To become covered with skin; as, a wound skins over.
(v. i.) To produce, in recitation, examination, etc., the work of another for one's own, or to use in such exercise cribs, memeoranda, etc., which are prohibited.