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Definition of: KIPS

Be asleep
A gymnastic exercise performed starting from a position with the legs over the upper body and moving to an erect position by arching the back and swinging the legs out and down while forcing the chest upright
The basic unit of money in Laos
Sleep; "roused him from his kip"

anagrams of:kips

(n.) A basket. See Skep.
(n.) A basket on wheels, used in cotton factories.
(n.) An iron bucket, which slides between guides, for hoisting mineral and rock.
(n.) A charge of sirup in the pans.
(n.) A beehive; a skep.
(v. i.) To leap lightly; to move in leaps and hounds; -- commonly implying a sportive spirit.
(v. i.) Fig.: To leave matters unnoticed, as in reading, speaking, or writing; to pass by, or overlook, portions of a thing; -- often followed by over.
(v. t.) To leap lightly over; as, to skip the rope.
(v. t.) To pass over or by without notice; to omit; to miss; as, to skip a line in reading; to skip a lesson.
(v. t.) To cause to skip; as, to skip a stone.
(n.) A light leap or bound.
(n.) The act of passing over an interval from one thing to another; an omission of a part.
(n.) A passage from one sound to another by more than a degree at once.