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Definitions of: LIKE

(a.) In a manner like that of; in a manner similar to; as, do not act like him.
(a.) In a like or similar manner.
(a.) Likely; probably.
(a.) To suit; to please; to be agreeable to.
(a.) To be pleased with in a moderate degree; to approve; to take satisfaction in; to enjoy.
(a.) To liken; to compare.
(n.) That which is equal or similar to another; the counterpart; an exact resemblance; a copy.
(n.) A liking; a preference; inclination; -- usually in pl.; as, we all have likes and dislikes.
(superl.) Having the same, or nearly the same, appearance, qualities, or characteristics; resembling; similar to; similar; alike; -- often with in and the particulars of the resemblance; as, they are like each other in features, complexion, and many traits of character.
(superl.) Equal, or nearly equal; as, fields of like extent.
(superl.) Having probability; affording probability; probable; likely.
(superl.) Inclined toward; disposed to; as, to feel like taking a walk.
(v. i.) To be pleased; to choose.
(v. i.) To have an appearance or expression; to look; to seem to be (in a specified condition).
(v. i.) To come near; to avoid with difficulty; to escape narrowly; as, he liked to have been too late. Cf. Had like, under Like, a.

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