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Definition of: LITE

(adv., & n.) Little.

anagrams of:lite

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(n.) The lime tree, or linden; -- called also teil tree.
(v. t.) To protect from the intrusion of the uninitiated; as, to tile a Masonic lodge.
(n.) A plate, or thin piece, of baked clay, used for covering the roofs of buildings, for floors, for drains, and often for ornamental mantel works.
(n.) A small slab of marble or other material used for flooring.
(n.) A plate of metal used for roofing.
(n.) A small, flat piece of dried earth or earthenware, used to cover vessels in which metals are fused.
(n.) A draintile.
(n.) A stiff hat.
(v. t.) To cover with tiles; as, to tile a house.
(v. t.) Fig.: To cover, as if with tiles.