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Definitions of: LOPE

(imp.) of Leap.
(n.) A leap; a long step.
(n.) An easy gait, consisting of long running strides or leaps.
(v. i.) To leap; to dance.
(v. i.) To move with a lope, as a horse.

anagrams of:lope

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(n.) Originally, a leather flask or vessel for oils or liquids; afterward, an earthenware vase or pitcher without a spout.
German industrialist who was the first in Germany to use an assembly line in manufacturing automobiles (1871-1948)
(n.) A native or inhabitant of Poland; a Polander.
(n.) A long, slender piece of wood; a tall, slender piece of timber; the stem of a small tree whose branches have been removed; as, specifically: (a) A carriage pole, a wooden bar extending from the front axle of a carriage between the wheel horses, by which the carriage is guided and held back. (b) A flag pole, a pole on which a flag is supported. (c) A Maypole. See Maypole. (d) A barber's pole, a pole painted in stripes, used as a sign by barbers and hairdressers. (e) A pole on which climbing beans, hops, or other vines, are trained.
(n.) A measuring stick; also, a measure of length equal to 5/ yards, or a square measure equal to 30/ square yards; a rod; a perch.
(v. t.) To furnish with poles for support; as, to pole beans or hops.
(v. t.) To convey on poles; as, to pole hay into a barn.
(v. t.) To impel by a pole or poles, as a boat.
(v. t.) To stir, as molten glass, with a pole.
(n.) Either extremity of an axis of a sphere; especially, one of the extremities of the earth's axis; as, the north pole.
(n.) A point upon the surface of a sphere equally distant from every part of the circumference of a great circle; or the point in which a diameter of the sphere perpendicular to the plane of such circle meets the surface. Such a point is called the pole of that circle; as, the pole of the horizon; the pole of the ecliptic; the pole of a given meridian.
(n.) One of the opposite or contrasted parts or directions in which a polar force is manifested; a point of maximum intensity of a force which has two such points, or which has polarity; as, the poles of a magnet; the north pole of a needle.
(n.) The firmament; the sky.
(n.) See Polarity, and Polar, n.