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Definition for: LOVELY

(adv.) In a manner to please, or to excite love.
(superl.) Having such an appearance as excites, or is fitted to excite, love; beautiful; charming; very pleasing in form, looks, tone, or manner.
(superl.) Lovable; amiable; having qualities of any kind which excite, or are fitted to excite, love or friendship.
(superl.) Loving; tender.
(superl.) Very pleasing; -- applied loosely to almost anything which is not grand or merely pretty; as, a lovely view; a lovely valley; a lovely melody.

anagrams for:lovely

(n.) A flight of missiles, as arrows, bullets, or the like; the simultaneous discharge of a number of small arms.
(n.) A burst or emission of many things at once; as, a volley of words.
(n.) A return of the ball before it touches the ground.
(n.) A sending of the ball full to the top of the wicket.
(v. t.) To discharge with, or as with, a volley.
(v. i.) To be thrown out, or discharged, at once; to be discharged in a volley, or as if in a volley; to make a volley or volleys.
(v. i.) To return the ball before it touches the ground.
(v. i.) To send the ball full to the top of the wicket.