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anagrams for:musert

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(v. t.) Something shown for imitation; a pattern.
(v. t.) A show; a display.
(v. t.) An assembling or review of troops, as for parade, verification of numbers, inspection, exercise, or introduction into service.
(v. t.) The sum total of an army when assembled for review and inspection; the whole number of effective men in an army.
(v. t.) Any assemblage or display; a gathering.
(v. t.) To collect and display; to assemble, as troops for parade, inspection, exercise, or the like.
(v. t.) Hence: To summon together; to enroll in service; to get together.
(v. i.) To be gathered together for parade, inspection, exercise, or the like; to come together as parts of a force or body; as, his supporters mustered in force.
A worthless or counterfeit cheque or coin; a failure or a complete flop; a dud