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Definition of: NAGS

An old or over-worked horse
Someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault
Remind or urge constantly; "she nagged to take a vacation"
Bother persistently with trivial complaints; "She nags her husband all day long"
Worry persistently; "nagging concerns and doubts"

anagrams of:nags

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(n.) A stump or base of a branch that has been lopped off; a short branch, or a sharp or rough branch; a knot; a protuberance.
(n.) A tooth projecting beyond the rest; contemptuously, a broken or decayed tooth.
(n.) A tree, or a branch of a tree, fixed in the bottom of a river or other navigable water, and rising nearly or quite to the surface, by which boats are sometimes pierced and sunk.
(n.) One of the secondary branches of an antler.
(v. t.) To cut the snags or branches from, as the stem of a tree; to hew roughly.
(v. t.) To injure or destroy, as a steamboat or other vessel, by a snag, or projecting part of a sunken tree.