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Definitions of: NIPS

Give a small sharp bite to; "The Queen's corgis always nip at her staff's ankles"
Sever or remove by pinching or snipping; "nip off the flowers"
A small sharp bite or snip
Squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle"
A tart spicy quality
The property of being moderately cold; "the chilliness of early morning"
The taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
(offensive slang) offensive term for a person of Japanese descent
A small drink of liquor; "he poured a shot of whiskey"

anagrams of:nips

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A small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things
A piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment
Flagpole used to mark the position of the hole on a golf green
Cylindrical tumblers consisting of two parts that are held in place by springs; when they are aligned with a key the bolt can be thrown
Immobilize a piece
Axis consisting of a short shaft that supports something that turns
To hold fast or prevent from moving; "The child was pinned under the fallen tree"
Informal terms for the leg; "fever left him weak on his sticks"
Attach or fasten with pins or as if with pins; "pin the needle to the shirt". "pin the blame on the innocent man"
A number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts
Pierce with a pin; "pin down the butterfly"
Small markers inserted into a surface to mark scores or define locations etc.
(v. t.) To cut off the nip or neb of, or to cut off at once with shears or scissors; to clip off suddenly; to nip; hence, to break off; to snatch away.
(n.) A single cut, as with shears or scissors; a clip.
(n.) A small shred; a bit cut off.
(n.) A share; a snack.
(n.) A tailor.
(n.) Small hand shears for cutting sheet metal.
(v. t.) To draw out, and twist into threads, either by the hand or machinery; as, to spin wool, cotton, or flax; to spin goat's hair; to produce by drawing out and twisting a fibrous material.
(v. t.) To draw out tediously; to form by a slow process, or by degrees; to extend to a great length; -- with out; as, to spin out large volumes on a subject.
(v. t.) To protract; to spend by delays; as, to spin out the day in idleness.
(v. t.) To cause to turn round rapidly; to whirl; to twirl; as, to spin a top.
(v. t.) To form (a web, a cocoon, silk, or the like) from threads produced by the extrusion of a viscid, transparent liquid, which hardens on coming into contact with the air; -- said of the spider, the silkworm, etc.
(v. t.) To shape, as malleable sheet metal, into a hollow form, by bending or buckling it by pressing against it with a smooth hand tool or roller while the metal revolves, as in a lathe.
(v. i.) To practice spinning; to work at drawing and twisting threads; to make yarn or thread from fiber; as, the woman knows how to spin; a machine or jenny spins with great exactness.
(v. i.) To move round rapidly; to whirl; to revolve, as a top or a spindle, about its axis.
(v. i.) To stream or issue in a thread or a small current or jet; as, blood spinsfrom a vein.
(v. i.) To move swifty; as, to spin along the road in a carriage, on a bicycle, etc.
(n.) The act of spinning; as, the spin of a top; a spin a bicycle.
(n.) Velocity of rotation about some specified axis.