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Definitions of: PAGER

An electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged

anagrams of:pager

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(n.) One who gapes.
(n.) A European fish. See 4th Comber.
(n.) A large edible clam (Schizothaerus Nuttalli), of the Pacific coast; -- called also gaper clam.
(n.) An East Indian bird of the genus Cymbirhynchus, related to the broadbills.
(n.) A well-known edible berry growing in pendent clusters or bunches on the grapevine. The berries are smooth-skinned, have a juicy pulp, and are cultivated in great quantities for table use and for making wine and raisins.
(n.) The plant which bears this fruit; the grapevine.
(n.) A mangy tumor on the leg of a horse.
(n.) Grapeshot.