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Definitions for: PALMS

The inner surface of the hand from the wrist to the base of the fingers
An award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
Touch, lift, or hold with the hands; "Don't handle the merchandise"
Any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves
A linear unit based on the length or width of the human hand
Hand protector used by sailmakers

anagrams for:palms

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An artificial source of visible illumination
A piece of furniture holding one or more electric light bulbs
(n.) A mold or matrix in which anything is cast or formed to a particular shape.
(n.) Same as Plasma.
(n.) A sacred song; a poetical composition for use in the praise or worship of God.
(n.) Especially, one of the hymns by David and others, collected into one book of the Old Testament, or a modern metrical version of such a hymn for public worship.
(v. t.) To extol in psalms; to sing; as, psalming his praises.