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Definitions of: PAN

(n.) A part; a portion.
(n.) The distance comprised between the angle of the epaule and the flanked angle.
(n.) A leaf of gold or silver.
(n.) The betel leaf; also, the masticatory made of the betel leaf, etc. See /etel.
(n.) The god of shepherds, guardian of bees, and patron of fishing and hunting. He is usually represented as having the head and trunk of a man, with the legs, horns, and tail of a goat, and as playing on the shepherd's pipe, which he is said to have invented.
(n.) A shallow, open dish or vessel, usually of metal, employed for many domestic uses, as for setting milk for cream, for frying or baking food, etc.; also employed for various uses in manufacturing.
(n.) A closed vessel for boiling or evaporating. See Vacuum pan, under Vacuum.
(n.) The part of a flintlock which holds the priming.
(n.) The skull, considered as a vessel containing the brain; the upper part of the head; the brainpan; the cranium.
(n.) A recess, or bed, for the leaf of a hinge.
(n.) The hard stratum of earth that lies below the soil. See Hard pan, under Hard.
(n.) A natural basin, containing salt or fresh water, or mud.
(v. i.) To yield gold in, or as in, the process of panning; -- usually with out; as, the gravel panned out richly.
(v. i.) To turn out (profitably or unprofitably); to result; to develop; as, the investigation, or the speculation, panned out poorly.
(v. t.) To separate, as gold, from dirt or sand, by washing in a kind of pan.
(v. t. & i.) To join or fit together; to unite.

anagrams of:pan

(v. i.) To have a short sleep; to be drowsy; to doze.
(v. i.) To be in a careless, secure state.
(n.) A short sleep; a doze; a siesta.
(n.) Woolly or villous surface of felt, cloth, plants, etc.; an external covering of down, of short fine hairs or fibers forming part of the substance of anything, and lying smoothly in one direction; the pile; -- as, the nap of cotton flannel or of broadcloth.
(n.) The loops which are cut to make the pile, in velvet.
(v. t.) To raise, or put, a nap on.