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Definitions of: PERSEVER

(v. i.) To persevere.

anagrams of:persever

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(a.) Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted.
(a.) Obstinate in the wrong; stubborn; intractable; hence, wayward; vexing; contrary.
(v. t.) To keep or save from injury or destruction; to guard or defend from evil, harm, danger, etc.; to protect.
(v. t.) To save from decay by the use of some preservative substance, as sugar, salt, etc.; to season and prepare for remaining in a good state, as fruits, meat, etc.; as, to preserve peaches or grapes.
(v. t.) To maintain throughout; to keep intact; as, to preserve appearances; to preserve silence.
(v. i.) To make preserves.
(v. i.) To protect game for purposes of sport.
(n.) That which is preserved; fruit, etc., seasoned and kept by suitable preparation; esp., fruit cooked with sugar; -- commonly in the plural.
(n.) A place in which game, fish, etc., are preserved for purposes of sport, or for food.