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Definitions of: PIN

(n.) A piece of wood, metal, etc., generally cylindrical, used for fastening separate articles together, or as a support by which one article may be suspended from another; a peg; a bolt.
(n.) Especially, a small, pointed and headed piece of brass or other wire (commonly tinned), largely used for fastening clothes, attaching papers, etc.
(n.) Hence, a thing of small value; a trifle.
(n.) That which resembles a pin in its form or use
(n.) A peg in musical instruments, for increasing or relaxing the tension of the strings.
(n.) A linchpin.
(n.) A rolling-pin.
(n.) A clothespin.
(n.) A short shaft, sometimes forming a bolt, a part of which serves as a journal.
(n.) The tenon of a dovetail joint.
(n.) One of a row of pegs in the side of an ancient drinking cup to mark how much each man should drink.
(n.) The bull's eye, or center, of a target; hence, the center.
(n.) Mood; humor.
(n.) Caligo. See Caligo.
(n.) An ornament, as a brooch or badge, fastened to the clothing by a pin; as, a Masonic pin.
(n.) The leg; as, to knock one off his pins.
(n.) To fasten with, or as with, a pin; to join; as, to pin a garment; to pin boards together.
(v. t.) To peen.
(v. t.) To inclose; to confine; to pen; to pound.

anagrams of:pin

(n.) A sip or small draught; esp., a draught of intoxicating liquor; a dram.
(v. t.) To catch and inclose or compress tightly between two surfaces, or points which are brought together or closed; to pinch; to close in upon.
(v. t.) To remove by pinching, biting, or cutting with two meeting edges of anything; to clip.
(v. t.) Hence: To blast, as by frost; to check the growth or vigor of; to destroy.
(v. t.) To vex or pain, as by nipping; hence, to taunt.
(n.) A seizing or closing in upon; a pinching; as, in the northern seas, the nip of masses of ice.
(n.) A pinch with the nails or teeth.
(n.) A small cut, or a cutting off the end.
(n.) A blast; a killing of the ends of plants by frost.
(n.) A biting sarcasm; a taunt.
(n.) A short turn in a rope.