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Definition for: PLIES

Use diligently; "ply your wits!"
Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance; "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
Wield vigorously; "ply an axe"
Join together as by twisting, weaving, or molding; "ply fabric"
Travel a route regularly; "Ships ply the waters near the coast"
Apply oneself diligently; "Ply one's trade"
(usually in combinations) one of several layers of cloth or paper or wood as in plywood
One of the strands twisted together to make yarn or rope or thread; often used in combination; "three-ply cord"; "four-ply yarn"

anagrams for:plies

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(n. pl.) The small, troublesome tumors or swellings about the anus and lower part of the rectum which are technically called hemorrhoids. See Hemorrhoids. [The singular pile is sometimes used.]
Plausible glib talk (especially useful to a salesperson)
Speak at great length (about something)
Replay (as a melody); "Play it again, Sam"; "She played the third movement very beautifully"
(n.) A small plug or wooden pin, used to stop a vent, as in a cask.
(n.) A small tube or spout inserted in a tree for conducting sap, as from a sugar maple.
(n.) A large stake driven into the ground as a support for some superstructure; a pile.
(v. t.) To supply with a spile or a spigot; to make a small vent in, as a cask.