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Definitions for: POH

(interj.) An exclamation expressing contempt or disgust; bah !

anagrams for:poh

(v. i.) To move by successive leaps, as toads do; to spring or jump on one foot; to skip, as birds do.
(v. i.) To walk lame; to limp; to halt.
(v. i.) To dance.
(n.) A leap on one leg, as of a boy; a leap, as of a toad; a jump; a spring.
(n.) A dance; esp., an informal dance of ball.
(n.) A climbing plant (Humulus Lupulus), having a long, twining, annual stalk. It is cultivated for its fruit (hops).
(n.) The catkin or strobilaceous fruit of the hop, much used in brewing to give a bitter taste.
(n.) The fruit of the dog-rose. See Hip.
(v. t.) To impregnate with hops.
(v. i.) To gather hops. [Perhaps only in the form Hopping, vb. n.]