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Definitions for: PUT

3d pers. sing. pres. of Put, contracted from putteth.
(imp. & p. p.) of Put
(n.) A pit.
(n.) A rustic; a clown; an awkward or uncouth person.
(n.) The act of putting; an action; a movement; a thrust; a push; as, the put of a ball.
(n.) A certain game at cards.
(n.) A privilege which one party buys of another to "put" (deliver) to him a certain amount of stock, grain, etc., at a certain price and date.
(n.) A prostitute.
(v. i.) To go or move; as, when the air first puts up.
(v. i.) To steer; to direct one's course; to go.
(v. i.) To play a card or a hand in the game called put.
(v. t.) To move in any direction; to impel; to thrust; to push; -- nearly obsolete, except with adverbs, as with by (to put by = to thrust aside; to divert); or with forth (to put forth = to thrust out).
(v. t.) To bring to a position or place; to place; to lay; to set; figuratively, to cause to be or exist in a specified relation, condition, or the like; to bring to a stated mental or moral condition; as, to put one in fear; to put a theory in practice; to put an enemy to fight.
(v. t.) To attach or attribute; to assign; as, to put a wrong construction on an act or expression.
(v. t.) To lay down; to give up; to surrender.
(v. t.) To set before one for judgment, acceptance, or rejection; to bring to the attention; to offer; to state; to express; figuratively, to assume; to suppose; -- formerly sometimes followed by that introducing a proposition; as, to put a question; to put a case.
(v. t.) To incite; to entice; to urge; to constrain; to oblige.
(v. t.) To throw or cast with a pushing motion "overhand," the hand being raised from the shoulder; a practice in athletics; as, to put the shot or weight.
(v. t.) To convey coal in the mine, as from the working to the tramway.

anagrams for:put

(v. t. & i.) To butt, as a ram does.
(v. t. & i.) To cover; -- said of a ram.
(n.) A ram.