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anagrams for:rlihes

(v. t.) To taste or eat with pleasure; to like the flavor of; to partake of with gratification; hence, to enjoy; to be pleased with or gratified by; to experience pleasure from; as, to relish food.
(v. t.) To give a relish to; to cause to taste agreeably.
(v. i.) To have a pleasing or appetizing taste; to give gratification; to have a flavor.
(n.) A pleasing taste; flavor that gratifies the palate; hence, enjoyable quality; power of pleasing.
(n.) Savor; quality; characteristic tinge.
(n.) A taste for; liking; appetite; fondness.
(n.) That which is used to impart a flavor; specifically, something taken with food to render it more palatable or to stimulate the appetite; a condiment.
(n.) The projection or shoulder at the side of, or around, a tenon, on a tenoned piece.