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Definition of: SETS

A relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way; "the set of his mind was obvious"
Fix conclusively or authoritatively; "set the rules"
The descent of a heavenly body below the horizon; "before the set of sun"
Decide upon or fix definitely; "fix the variables"; "specify the parameters"
A group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used; "a set of books"; "a set of golf clubs"; "a set of teeth"
Establish as the highest level or best performance; "set a record"
(mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols; "the set of prime numbers is infinite"
Urge to attack someone; "The owner sicked his dogs on the intruders"; "the shaman sics sorcerers on the evil spirits"
An unofficial association of people or groups; "the smart set goes there"; "they were an angry lot"
Give a fine, sharp edge to a knife or razor
Evil Egyptian god with the head of a b

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