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Definitions for: SNIPE

(n.) Any one of numerous species of limicoline game birds of the family Scolopacidae, having a long, slender, nearly straight beak.
(n.) A fool; a blockhead.

anagrams for:snipe

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Straight-grained durable and often resinous white to yellowish timber of any of numerous trees of the genus Pinus
Have a desire for something or someone who is not present; "She ached for a cigarette"; "I am pining for my lover"
A coniferous tree
(n.) A sharp appendage to any of a plant; a thorn.
(n.) A rigid and sharp projection upon any part of an animal.
(n.) One of the rigid and undivided fin rays of a fish.
(n.) The backbone, or spinal column, of an animal; -- so called from the projecting processes upon the vertebrae.
(n.) Anything resembling the spine or backbone; a ridge.