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anagrams for:srout

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(v. t.) To rouse; to disturb; as, to roust one out.
(n.) A strong tide or current, especially in a narrow channel.
Defeat disastrously
Cause to flee; "rout out the fighters from their caves"
Make a groove in
Dig with the snout; "the pig was rooting for truffles"
An overwhelming defeat
A disorderly crowd of people
(n.) A sudden or violent ejection or gushing of a liquid, as of water from a tube, orifice, or other confined place, or of blood from a wound; a jet; a spirt.
(n.) A shoot; a bud.
(n.) Fig.: A sudden outbreak; as, a spurt of jealousy.
(n.) A kind of sirup made by the Indians of Arizona from the fruit of some cactaceous plant (probably the Cereus giganteus).
(n.) A lage molding used in the bases of columns. Its profile is semicircular. See Illust. of Molding.
(n.) One of the ventral parapodia of tubicolous annelids. It usually has the form of an oblong thickening or elevation of the integument with rows of uncini or hooks along the center. See Illust. under Tubicolae.
(n.) The receptacle, or part of the flower on which the carpels stand.
(n.) See 3d Tore, 2.
Make a tour of a certain place; "We toured the Provence this summer"
An industrial city in western France on the Loire River
A journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island"
A time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else); "it's my go"; "a spell of work"
A period of time spent in military service