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Definitions of: STIPE

(n.) The stalk or petiole of a frond, as of a fern.
(n.) The stalk of a pistil.
(n.) The trunk of a tree.
(n.) The stem of a fungus or mushroom.

anagrams of:stipe

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(n.) The track or tread a horseman makes upon the ground he goes over.
(n.) Ill-will or hatred toward another, accompanied with the disposition to irritate, annoy, or thwart; petty malice; grudge; rancor; despite.
(n.) Vexation; chargrin; mortification.
(v. t.) To be angry at; to hate.
(v. t.) To treat maliciously; to try to injure or thwart.
(v. t.) To fill with spite; to offend; to vex.