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Definition of: SWAP

(n.) A blow; a stroke.
(n.) An exchange; a barter.
(n.) Hastily.
(v. i.) To strike; -- with off.
(v. i.) To exchange (usually two things of the same kind); to swop.
(v. t.) To fall or descend; to rush hastily or violently.
(v. t.) To beat the air, or ply the wings, with a sweeping motion or noise; to flap.

anagrams of:swap

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Touch clumsily; "The man tried to paw her"
A clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped
Scrape with the paws; "The bear pawed the door"
The (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb; "he had the hands of a surgeon"; "he extended his mitt"
(n.) Any one of numerous species of stinging hymenopterous insects, esp. any of the numerous species of the genus Vespa, which includes the true, or social, wasps, some of which are called yellow jackets.