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Definitions of: TOD

(n.) A bush; a thick shrub; a bushy clump.
(n.) An old weight used in weighing wool, being usually twenty-eight pounds.
(n.) A fox; -- probably so named from its bushy tail.
(v. t. & i.) To weigh; to yield in tods.

anagrams of:tod

(n.) A marriage portion; dowry.
(n.) A small point or spot, made with a pen or other pointed instrument; a speck, or small mark.
(n.) Anything small and like a speck comparatively; a small portion or specimen; as, a dot of a child.
(v. t.) To mark with dots or small spots; as, to dot a line.
(v. t.) To mark or diversify with small detached objects; as, a landscape dotted with cottages.
(v. i.) To make dots or specks.