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anagrams of:tohso

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Utter the characteristic sound of owls
A cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt
Something of little value; "his promise is not worth a damn"; "not worth one red cent"; "not worth shucks"
To utter a loud clamorous shout; "the toughs and blades of the city hoot and bang their drums, drink arak, play dice, and dance"
A loud raucous cry (as of an owl)
(n.) An inclined plane, either artificial or natural, down which timber, coal, etc., are caused to slide; also, a narrow passage, either natural or artificial, in a stream, where the water rushes rapidly; esp., a channel, having a swift current, connecting the ends of a bend in the stream, so as to shorten the course.
(v. i.) To let fly, or cause to be driven, with force, as an arrow or a bullet; -- followed by a word denoting the missile, as an object.
(v. i.) To discharge, causing a missile to be driven forth; -- followed by a word denoting the weapon or instrument, as an object; -- often with off; as, to shoot a gun.
(v. i.) To strike with anything shot; to hit with a missile; often, to kill or wound with a firearm; -- followed by a word denoting the person or thing hit, as an object.
(v. i.) To send out or forth, especially with a rapid or sudden motion; to cast with the hand; to hurl; to discharge; to emit.
(v. i.) To push or thrust forward; to project; to protrude; -- often with out; as, a plant shoots out a bud.
(v. i.) To plane straight; to fit by planing.
(v. i.) To pass rapidly through, over, or under; as, to shoot a rapid or a bridge; to shoot a sand bar.
(v. i.) To variegate as if by sprinkling or intermingling; to color in spots or patches.
(v. i.) To cause an engine or weapon to discharge a missile; -- said of a person or an agent; as, they shot at a target; he shoots better than he rides.
(v. i.) To discharge a missile; -- said of an engine or instrument; as, the gun shoots well.
(v. i.) To be shot or propelled forcibly; -- said of a missile; to be emitted or driven; to move or extend swiftly, as if propelled; as, a shooting star.
(v. i.) To penetrate, as a missile; to dart with a piercing sensation; as, shooting pains.
(v. i.) To feel a quick, darting pain; to throb in pain.
(v. i.) To germinate; to bud; to sprout.
(v. i.) To grow; to advance; as, to shoot up rapidly.
(v. i.) To change form suddenly; especially, to solidify.
(v. i.) To protrude; to jut; to project; to extend; as, the land shoots into a promontory.
(v. i.) To move ahead by force of momentum, as a sailing vessel when the helm is put hard alee.
(n.) The act of shooting; the discharge of a missile; a shot; as, the shoot of a shuttle.
(n.) A young branch or growth.
(n.) A rush of water; a rapid.
(n.) A vein of ore running in the same general direction as the lode.
(n.) A weft thread shot through the shed by the shuttle; a pick.
(n.) A shoat; a young hog.
(superl.) True; faithful; trustworthy.
(superl.) Pleasing; delightful; sweet.
(a.) Truth; reality.
(a.) Augury; prognostication.
(a.) Blandishment; cajolery.