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Definition for: TOP

(n.) A child's toy, commonly in the form of a conoid or pear, made to spin on its point, usually by drawing off a string wound round its surface or stem, the motion being sometimes continued by means of a whip.
(n.) A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudital grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
(n.) The highest part of anything; the upper end, edge, or extremity; the upper side or surface; summit; apex; vertex; cover; lid; as, the top of a spire; the top of a house; the top of a mountain; the top of the ground.
(n.) The utmost degree; the acme; the summit.
(n.) The highest rank; the most honorable position; the utmost attainable place; as, to be at the top of one's class, or at the top of the school.
(n.) The chief person; the most prominent one.
(n.) The crown of the head, or the hair upon it; the head.
(n.) The head, or upper part, of a plant.
(n.) A platform surrounding the head of the lower mast and projecting on all sudes. It serves to spead the topmast rigging, thus strengheningthe mast, and also furnishes a convenient standing place for the men aloft.
(n.) A bundle or ball of slivers of comkbed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.
(n.) Eve; verge; point.
(n.) The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface.
(n.) Top-boots.
(v. i.) To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower; as, lofty ridges and topping mountains.
(v. i.) To predominate; as, topping passions.
(v. i.) To excel; to rise above others.
(v. t.) To cover on the top; to tip; to cap; -- chiefly used in the past participle.
(v. t.) To rise above; to excel; to outgo; to surpass.
(v. t.) To rise to the top of; to go over the top of.
(v. t.) To take off the or upper part of; to crop.
(v. t.) To perform eminently, or better than before.
(v. t.) To raise one end of, as a yard, so that that end becomes higher than the other.

anagrams for:top

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Select as an alternative over another; "I always choose the fish over the meat courses in this restaurant"; "She opted for the job on the East coast"
(n.) A metallic or earthen vessel, appropriated to any of a great variety of uses, as for boiling meat or vegetables, for holding liquids, for plants, etc.; as, a quart pot; a flower pot; a bean pot.
(n.) An earthen or pewter cup for liquors; a mug.
(n.) The quantity contained in a pot; a potful; as, a pot of ale.
(n.) A metal or earthenware extension of a flue above the top of a chimney; a chimney pot.
(n.) A crucible; as, a graphite pot; a melting pot.
(n.) A wicker vessel for catching fish, eels, etc.
(n.) A perforated cask for draining sugar.
(n.) A size of paper. See Pott.
(v. t.) To place or inclose in pots
(v. t.) To preserve seasoned in pots.
(v. t.) To set out or cover in pots; as, potted plants or bulbs.
(v. t.) To drain; as, to pot sugar, by taking it from the cooler, and placing it in hogsheads, etc., having perforated heads, through which the molasses drains off.
(v. t.) To pocket.
(v. i.) To tipple; to drink.
A device that transfers power from an engine (as in a tractor or other motor vehicle) to another piece of equipment (as to a pump or jackhammer)