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Definition of: WEY

(n.) Way; road; path.
(n.) A certain measure of weight.
(v. t. & i.) To weigh.

anagrams of:wey

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(n.) The letter Y.
(n.) A kind of crotch. See Y, n. (a).
(v. i.) See Yaw.
(n.) An evergreen tree (Taxus baccata) of Europe, allied to the pines, but having a peculiar berrylike fruit instead of a cone. It frequently grows in British churchyards.
(n.) The wood of the yew. It is light red in color, compact, fine-grained, and very elastic. It is preferred to all other kinds of wood for bows and whipstocks, the best for these purposes coming from Spain.
(n.) A bow for shooting, made of the yew.
(a.) Of or pertaining to yew trees; made of the wood of a yew tree; as, a yew whipstock.