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Definitions for: WOL

(v. t. & i.) See 2d Will.

anagrams for:wol

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Strong imp. of Laugh.
(v. i.) To make the calling sound of cows and other bovine animals; to moo.
(n.) The calling sound ordinarily made by cows and other bovine animals.
(n.) A hill; a mound; a grave.
(n.) Fire; a flame; a light.
(v. i.) To burn; to blaze.
(superl.) Occupying an inferior position or place; not high or elevated; depressed in comparison with something else; as, low ground; a low flight.
(superl.) Not rising to the usual height; as, a man of low stature; a low fence.
(superl.) Near the horizon; as, the sun is low at four o'clock in winter, and six in summer.
(superl.) Sunk to the farthest ebb of the tide; as, low tide.
(superl.) Beneath the usual or remunerative rate or amount, or the ordinary value; moderate; cheap; as, the low price of corn; low wages.
(superl.) Not loud; as, a low voice; a low sound.
(superl.) Depressed in the scale of sounds; grave; as, a low pitch; a low note.
(superl.) Made, as a vowel, with a low position of part of the tongue in relation to the palate; as, / (/m), / (all). See Guide to Pronunciation, // 5, 10, 11.
(superl.) Near, or not very distant from, the equator; as, in the low northern latitudes.
(superl.) Numerically small; as, a low number.
(superl.) Wanting strength or animation; depressed; dejected; as, low spirits; low in spirits.
(superl.) Depressed in condition; humble in rank; as, men of low condition; the lower classes.
(superl.) Mean; vulgar; base; dishonorable; as, a person of low mind; a low trick or stratagem.
(superl.) Not elevated or sublime; not exalted or diction; as, a low comparison.
(superl.) Submissive; humble.
(superl.) Deficient in vital energy; feeble; weak; as, a low pulse; made low by sickness.
(superl.) Moderate; not intense; not inflammatory; as, low heat; a low temperature; a low fever.
(superl.) Smaller than is reasonable or probable; as, a low estimate.
(superl.) Not rich, high seasoned, or nourishing; plain; simple; as, a low diet.
(n.) The lowest trump, usually the deuce; the lowest trump dealt or drawn.
(adv.) In a low position or manner; not aloft; not on high; near the ground.
(adv.) Under the usual price; at a moderate price; cheaply; as, he sold his wheat low.
(adv.) In a low mean condition; humbly; meanly.
(adv.) In time approaching our own.
(adv.) With a low voice or sound; not loudly; gently; as, to speak low.
(adv.) With a low musical pitch or tone.
(adv.) In subjection, poverty, or disgrace; as, to be brought low by oppression, by want, or by vice.
(adv.) In a path near the equator, so that the declination is small, or near the horizon, so that the altitude is small; -- said of the heavenly bodies with reference to the diurnal revolution; as, the moon runs low, that is, is comparatively near the horizon when on or near the meridian.
(v. t.) To depress; to lower.
(n.) Any species of raptorial birds of the family Strigidae. They have large eyes and ears, and a conspicuous circle of feathers around each eye. They are mostly nocturnal in their habits.
(n.) A variety of the domestic pigeon.
(v. i.) To pry about; to prowl.
(v. i.) To carry wool or sheep out of England.
(v. i.) Hence, to carry on any contraband trade.