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Definitions for: WOST

2d pers. sing. pres. of Wit, to know.

anagrams for:wost

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(v. t.) To place or arrange in a compact mass; to put in its proper place, or in a suitable place; to pack; as, to stowbags, bales, or casks in a ship's hold; to stow hay in a mow; to stow sheaves.
(v. t.) To put away in some place; to hide; to lodge.
(v. t.) To arrange anything compactly in; to fill, by packing closely; as, to stow a box, car, or the hold of a ship.
Study intensively, as before an exam; "I had to bone up on my Latin verbs before the final exam"
An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious
Drag behind; "Horses used to tow barges along the canal"
The act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope; "the truck gave him a tow to the garage"
One of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots
The cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number