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(n.) Alt. of Amortisement


(n.) The placing of a before another, which, by ordinary rules, ought to follow it.


(n.) Commensality.


(n.) The act or principle of compensating.
(n.) That which constitutes, or is regarded as, an equivalent; that which makes good the lack or variation of something else; that which compensates for loss or privation; amends; remuneration; recompense.
(n.) The extinction of debts of which two persons are reciprocally debtors by the credits of which they are reciprocally creditors; the payment of a debt by a credit of equal amount; a set-off.
(n.) A recompense or reward for some loss or service.
(n.) An equivalent stipulated for in contracts for the sale of real estate, in which it is customary to provide that errors in description, etc., shall not avoid, but shall be the subject of compensation.


(n.) A violent shock or agitation.


(n.) The act or process of condensing or of being condensed; the state of being condensed.
(n.) The act or process of reducing, by depression of temperature or increase of pressure, etc., to another and denser form, as gas to the condition of a liquid or steam to water.
(n.) A rearrangement or concentration of the different constituents of one or more substances into a distinct and definite compound of greater complexity and molecular weight, often resulting in an increase of density, as the condensation of oxygen into ozone, or of acetone into mesitylene.


(n.) General course of conduct; behavior.
(n.) Familiar intercourse; intimate fellowship or association; close acquaintance.
(n.) Commerce; intercourse; traffic.
(n.) Colloquial discourse; oral interchange of sentiments and observations; informal dialogue.
(n.) Sexual intercourse; as, criminal conversation.


(n.) A betrothing; betrothal.


(n.) The act of dispensing or dealing out; distribution; often used of the distribution of good and evil by God to man, or more generically, of the acts and modes of his administration.
(n.) That which is dispensed, dealt out, or appointed; that which is enjoined or bestowed
(n.) A system of principles, promises, and rules ordained and administered; scheme; economy; as, the Patriarchal, Mosaic, and Christian dispensations.
(n.) The relaxation of a law in a particular case; permission to do something forbidden, or to omit doing something enjoined; specifically, in the Roman Catholic Church, exemption from some ecclesiastical law or obligation to God which a man has incurred of his own free will (oaths, vows, etc.).


(n.) A formal or systematic inquiry into, or discussion of, any subject; a full examination or investigation of a matter, with the arguments and facts bearing upon it; elaborate essay; dissertation.


(n.) The act or process of thickening or making thick; the process of becoming thick or thicker.
(n.) The state of being incrassated or made thick; inspissation.