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(a.) Andean; as, Andine flora.


(n.) (Pronounced, in this sense, ////.) Natural capacity; ability; skill.
(n.) Anything used to effect a purpose; any device or contrivance; an agent.
(n.) Any instrument by which any effect is produced; especially, an instrument or machine of war or torture.
(n.) A compound machine by which any physical power is applied to produce a given physical effect.
(v. t.) To assault with an engine.
(v. t.) To equip with an engine; -- said especially of steam vessels; as, vessels are often built by one firm and engined by another.
(v. t.) (Pronounced, in this sense, /////.) To rack; to torture.


(n.) A transparent, extensible membrane of extreme tenuity, which forms the innermost coating of grains of pollen.


(n.) One of a class of fabled female water spirits who might receive a human soul by intermarrying with a mortal.


(v. t.) To take the lining out of; hence, to empty; as, to unline one's purse.