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(n.) The act or process of preparing liquors which are brewed, as beer and ale.
(n.) The quantity brewed at once.
(n.) A mixing together.
(n.) A gathering or forming of a storm or squall, indicated by thick, dark clouds.
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Brew


(a.) Believing; giving credence; credulous.
(a.) Having credit or authority; credible.


(n.) A superior kind of violin, formerly made at Cremona, in Italy.


(n.) An injury in a horse's leg, caused by the shoe of one hind foot striking and cutting the other leg. It sometimes forms an ulcer.


(adv.) Before the /apse of a long time; soon; -- usually separated, ere long.


(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Free


(n.) A payment or stipend; esp., the stipend or maintenance granted to a prebendary out of the estate of a cathedral or collegiate church with which he is connected. See Note under Benefice.
(n.) A prebendary.


(n.) One who prays.


(n.) Any commandment, instruction, or order intended as an authoritative rule of action; esp., a command respecting moral conduct; an injunction; a rule.
(n.) A command in writing; a species of writ or process.


(v. t.) To limit beforehand.


(v. t.) To lay hold of; to seize.


(a.) Being at hand, within reach or call, within certain contemplated limits; -- opposed to absent.
(a.) Now existing, or in process; begun but not ended; now in view, or under consideration; being at this time; not past or future; as, the present session of Congress; the present state of affairs; the present instance.
(a.) Not delayed; immediate; instant; coincident.
(a.) Ready; quick in emergency; as a present wit.
(a.) Favorably attentive; propitious.
(a.) Present time; the time being; time in progress now, or at the moment contemplated; as, at this present.
(a.) Present letters or instrument, as a deed of conveyance, a lease, letter of attorney, or other writing; as in the phrase, " Know all men by these presents," that is, by the writing itself, " per has literas praesentes; " -- in this sense, rarely used in the singular.
(a.) A present tense, or the form of the verb denoting the present tense.
(a.) To bring or introduce into the presence of some one, especially of a superior; to introduce formally; to offer for acquaintance; as, to present an envoy to the king; (with the reciprocal pronoun) to come into the presence of a superior.
(a.) To exhibit or offer to view or notice; to lay before one's perception or cognizance; to set forth; to present a fine appearance.
(a.) To pass over, esp. in a ceremonious manner; to give in charge or possession; to deliver; to make over.
(a.) To make a gift of; to bestow; to give, generally in a formal or ceremonious manner; to grant; to confer.
(a.) Hence: To endow; to bestow a gift upon; to favor, as with a donation; also, to court by gifts.
(a.) To present; to personate.
(a.) To nominate to an ecclesiastical benefice; to offer to the bishop or ordinary as a candidate for institution.
(a.) To nominate for support at a public school or other institution .
(a.) To lay before a public body, or an official, for consideration, as before a legislature, a court of judicature, a corporation, etc.; as, to present a memorial, petition, remonstrance, or indictment.
(a.) To lay before a court as an object of inquiry; to give notice officially of, as a crime of offence; to find or represent judicially; as, a grand jury present certain offenses or nuisances, or whatever they think to be public injuries.
(a.) To bring an indictment against .
(a.) To aim, point, or direct, as a weapon; as, to present a pistol or the point of a sword to the breast of another.
(n.) Anything presented or given; a gift; a donative; as, a Christmas present.
(n.) The position of a soldier in presenting arms; as, to stand at present.
(v. i.) To appear at the mouth of the uterus so as to be perceptible to the finger in vaginal examination; -- said of a part of an infant during labor.


(v. i.) To put in, or make, a claim, truly or falsely; to allege a title; to lay claim to, or strive after, something; -- usually with to.
(v. i.) To hold out the appearance of being, possessing, or performing; to profess; to make believe; to feign; to sham; as, to pretend to be asleep.
(v. t.) To lay a claim to; to allege a title to; to claim.
(v. t.) To hold before, or put forward, as a cloak or disguise for something else; to exhibit as a veil for something hidden.
(v. t.) To hold out, or represent, falsely; to put forward, or offer, as true or real (something untrue or unreal); to show hypocritically, or for the purpose of deceiving; to simulate; to feign; as, to pretend friendship.
(v. t.) To intend; to design; to plot; to attempt.
(v. t.) To hold before one; to extend.